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Saftech MLM Software is popular in creating tailored-made and cheap MLM software solutions that cater to your specific MLM business needs, helping you to grow your MLM Businesses globally.

As we are established and experienced in MLM software development, we provide MLM solutions that address the distinctive MLM business requirements of your MLM companies. Whether you are a start-up or a popular MLM company, based on our expertise and experience we deliver the comprehensive Network Marketing software solutions based on your business goal.

As always, whether you are start-up or established MLM organization, software cost has been one of the vital factors in choosing MLM software solution, because of it Saftech MLM Software offers a cheap and affordable solution without compromising on quality. Our software is developed to provide true value for your investment.

Our Best MLM software cover all the major plans like Binary, Matrix, Mobile Recharge, Unilevel, MLM Bucket Help Plan, Donation Plan/ Help Plan, Board Plan, Generation Plan, Stair Step Plan, Australian Binary Plan, Auto Fill Income Plan, Follow Me Matrix Plan, Trimatrix Plan, Monthly Income Plan, Growth plan, Level Plan, level binary plan, Repurchase Plan, Non Working Plan, Tower binary plan, Tri binary plan, Volume plan, Step break Plan, Sunflower Plan, Forced Matrix Plan, Matrix Cycle Plan, Spill Over Plan and many others.

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Ewallet plays a vital role when it comes to payment transactions as all the income stored in the form of ewallet.


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Binary MLM Plan Software

This MLM or Network Marketing Plan is a most common and popular genealogy based where a tracking of both the side goes one after another. The compensation and payment management is pretty much easy to elaborate in this binary MLM plan. Find out how our Binary Plan Software helps you to manage your business

Matrix MLM Plan Software

Matrix MLM Plan is yet another online network marketing system that is pretty much popular and quite similar to Binary MLM Plans. A MLM company can determined the depth of the genealogy system of this plan. To know more about our MLM Matrix Plan Software just follows the link.

Unilevel ML M Plan Software

Yet the oldest but not so very common plan of MLM Industry. Under the Unilevel MLM Plan the genealogy system is developed in such manner that it supports the frontline members. Sometimes it gets pretty much complicated and to manage all this you need to have the Unilevel MLM Plan Software. You can checkout our unilvel software demo for free by just clicking here.

Help Plan Software

This is among the latest or the youngest MLM Plan, under this plan there is no sale of a product is introduce as this is totally a service base MLM Plan. When a individual joins this plan he needs to put some funds in terms of loans and this is how he get qualified for the near future help. To know more about MLM Help Plan Software just click on the demo and we will get back to you.

Monoline or Single leg MLM Plan Software

Saftech MLM Software provides an affordable monoline or single leg compensation plan software, featuring an easy linear structure with fast commissions. As industry leaders in this space, Saftech has assisted MLMs grow by rewarding individual efforts with real-time pay, automated bonuses, mobile apps integration and cryptocurrency support features. If your MLM company needs cost-effective single leg options - Saftech Monoline software may be the perfect fit!

MLM Investment Plan Software

The MLM Investment Plan Software with Daily Return on Investment is a growing trend in the MLM industry. This plan allows individuals to invest small or large amounts of money and earn daily returns on their investment. The software automates various aspects of the MLM business, such as member registration, commission payouts and transaction management.

Board MLM Plan Software

The formation of Board MLM Plan is 2*2 and commonly known as Matrix MLM Plan itself. Under this plan its more or less like a win situation for the company as its more suitable for the corporate heads. This plan is pretty much more popular in the western countries like USA, US and Brazil rather than in the eastern or Asian part.

Unilevel MLM Plan Software

In a Unilevel MLM Plan the base is just like making and gaining compensation by chain. The success of the plan is all because of its rate of conversions and calculation.

When you opt for a Unilevel MLM Plan than you make self free from the issue like join or so as in this sort of plan there is no limits of joining and the hassle is much less than any other MLM plan.

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