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MLM Mobile Apps Development

The growing demands of Mobile app in the MLM industry we can offer you both IOS and Andriod MLM mobile app for your business. Update, run, marketing and manage your MLM business on your fingertips.

Apart from this the biggest advantage of having a MLM mobile app is that you get extra edge over your competitors and allow your downline to market and establish yourself round the clock.

Most of our leading worldwide clients using our MLM mobile apps services to grow their business round the clock apart from this it have more advance features to be in the direct touch with your downline or with your customers.

Below are the main features of MLM mobile app development

Dashboard - To show the outline of your business together with client details, connection data, payment details and more

E-Wallet - Details concerning E-wallet Payment notifications

My Bonus- Bonus and new connection data details

Mail - To compose, send and skim emails

Registration- permits to feature new users in Mobile app



Referrals / Genealogy


Saftech MLM software offers you mobile app services on both android and IOS platform, we are looking forward to hear from you soon and in case you are in a hurry then just get a free demo of our MLM mobile app development services to know more.

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