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Ecommerce is the medium which provide you freedom for selling any merchandise on the internet. By the assistance of Ecommerce you can establish your online store and you can sell anything online. Ecommerce business models of all sorts are thriving. Sales from online stores are anticipated to increase 78% by 2020.

As we already know that ecommerce is a store where we can sell and buy online and also the exact same makes an ecommerce website from other websites. There are some basic components which are must have for ecommerce website like:-

  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment method
  • Products
  • Logistics
  • Website operational rules
  • Coupons and discounts(optional but recommended)
Software Features

As being part of online age, we know that online purchasing is quite common among people now a days. Even MLM businesses also employing this industry trend. Organizations are using numerous products to get through MLM ecommerce software solution.

Saftech MLM Software provides its MLM Ecommerce Software solution by which companies can set up your own Stores for their MLM business.

Why Saftech MLM Software-

Latest & user Friendly Shopping cart

Latest & user Friendly Shopping Cart

Multi-Currency & Lingual Support

Multi-Currency & Lingual Support

Efficient Products  & Inventory Management

Efficient Products & Inventory Management

Customer & Sales  Order Management

Customer & Sales Order Management

Easy Taxation Management

Easy Taxation Management

Multi-country Shipping Management

Multi-country Shipping Management

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